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Apparel choices are an important part of any screen printing project! We do our best to walk you through all your options to make sure you are happy with all of your picks.

Scroll down to see popular apparel picks: T-shirts, Fleece, and Other Apparel Items.

View Full Apparel Catalog Here

The above link will take you to a third party catalog. In this catalog, you can add your preferred apparel choices to the shopping bag and when you submit, we will receive your apparel request. You can also note style numbers in the QUOTE REQUEST FORM.

Apparel Size Information

While most unisex t-shirt styles run close to the same size, ladies and youth shirt sizes change quite a bit from style to style. We highly recommend checking sizes prior to ordering youth or ladies shirts.

When looking at a shirt style in our APPAREL CATALOG, go to the VIEW SPECS tab, and under CHEST WIDTH (LAID FLAT) you can get the exact measurement of each apparel item.

Apparel sizes can affect printing. Your graphic image may be sized perfectly for a unisex shirt, but may need to be resized to fit onto a youth or ladies shirt size.

Fabric Content Information

The biggest difference in shirt styles is often the fabric content and weight.

Fabrics can be 100% cotton, a cotton/polyester blend, or a cotton/polyester/rayon blend. Some cottons are plain jersey, and others are ring-spun jersey. The ring-spun option gives the shirts a softer feel. The plain jersey will be the most cost effective.

Apparel weights are listed with each item in ounces (oz.) The thicker the fabric, the bigger the number. A heavyweight t-shirt is 6oz. while some lightweight shirts are considered 'tissue weight' at 3.5oz. Fleece starts at 7oz. and can go as thick as 12oz.

Most Picked Apparel Items

There are literally hundreds of t-shirt styles out there. We've picked the ones we use the most and listed them in the flyer link below. Many unisex T-shirt styles have companion youth and/or ladies styles.
We've also made flyers for favorite fleece and other options.
If you have any questions or concerns about your apparel choices, you can simply Email us at Studio@PhantomChicken