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About This Bird

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While we like to play with puns, we get serious when it comes to screen printing.
After 20 years of working with many local and national groups, we take pride in our printing quality and our customer service.

All T-shirts are hand-pulled by Gregg on a manual 4-color press. We use plastisol and discharge inks and can mix special ink colors for you.
We offer basic graphics and can also help you with your artwork.

Screen printing available for T-shirts, Hoodies, Ladies Tees, Tote Bags, and more.

The Phantom Chicken studio is open by appointment only.
Please call 503.233.4971 to schedule an appointment.
Or... simply request a quote.

We want your experience to be a positive one from start to finish!

What's up with the name:

Phantom Chicken?

People often ask where the name Phantom Chicken comes from.

A brief history is in order to satisfy that query but let it be known that
Phantom Chicken is owned and operated by Gregg and Gail Weiss in Portland Oregon.

These two eccentrics met in 1997 under auspicious circumstances - shooting pool in a local dive bar. Both parties could handle a cue stick so well that mutual attraction was inevitable.
Gregg had moved to Portland 3 years earlier from New York City with a BFA in screen printing and six years of print brokering experience. He also clocked three fresh years of solo screen printing in his basement studio here in Portland.

Gail possessed a latent hidden artistic talent that Gregg instinctively recognized. Exposing her to the world of computer-generated design Gail flourished creatively. Blossomed so much that she quit her last job in 2000, *damned be the service industry*, whilst becoming Gregg’s prepress graphic goddess (and wife!)... but more on that later.

When he arrived in Portland Gregg’s first job was in a screen print shop mixing ink colors for bus advertising.
Using the original “roaster” chicken film that accompanied him from NY as a test image, multiple multi-colored chicken stickers came into existence.
Placeholder image The screen shop went under 6 months later and Gregg found himself at a crossroads, so like most chickens, he crossed that road and started Big Blue Productions, Uninc.
The test chicken stickers transformed into business cards with a quick jotting of a phone number on back and the slogan “It’s a damn fine bird”.

Years later and still indie printing, the statment: “Hey you’re that chicken guy who prints T-shirts” seemed to follow him - or precede him everywhere he went.
The chicken was a keeper!
In 1999 after moving out the house of which Big Blue was named, and adding Gail's graphic design services to the mix , a true name change was in order.

Phantom Chicken was hatched in the spring of 2002.
Gail created a cyberspace presence through a new website, while Gregg remained behind the scenes- subterranean printing like a poltergeist
- some may say a poultrygiest.
This new name now incorporated the necessary chicken with the virtual 'online only' presence we share with the masses since we have no brick and mortor storefront.

From 1995 to the present, Gregg has honed his craft of manual screen printing to razor sharpness, all the while building his forearms, and in tandem with Gail they stand poised and ready for heavy exploitation.

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