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Sam Hunter

Sam I am
I’m Sam Hunter, a fiber artist and quilt pattern designer. I started sewing when I was 7 and haven’t really stopped since. I started quilting in my 20’s, and teaching quilting shortly thereafter. I hold an MFA in Fiber Arts, and blend this classic training with my sense of play in all that I do. I believe that everyone has innate artistic talent, and I love helping people find theirs. I’m a relaxed, encouraging, and generous teacher, and I love to share the joy of making beautiful things.

Hunter's Design Studio
As a pattern designer, I’m a champion for helping our newest sewists, and our up-and-comers. I like to design patterns that can be made with beginners’ skills, but that are more interesting than the usual big block patterns that are offered to our newbies. I enjoy wrangling with the puzzles of quilt design: I design mindfully for ease of construction, and economically for little waste. I take care to list the actual skills needed to make a project and my patterns are full of illustrations to make them easy to follow. I fundamentally believe that quilting should be fun, so I try hard to design and write things that are fun, too.