ChickenScratch FAQ

About ChickenScratch

We've been working together as a husband and wife team for over 20 years screenprinting t-shirts for other groups and businesses as Phantom Chicken here in Portland, Oregon.
The ChickenScratch Store is our retail experiment!

Gregg's printing ability and Gail's love of quilting have combined to create the unique one-of-a-kind items you find here.
Our inventory will be kept very small - our storage is limited. If there is something you like that may be out of stock, please email us with your request!

We print in batches and will try to accommodate requests when possible.

We love screen printing. Everything here is hand-pulled by Gregg Weiss.
Our studio houses a one 4-color, 2-station manual press where everything is printed. We do not use Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing here as many other online T-shirt companies do. It's a great technology to print full color directly onto a shirt with an inkjet printer, but the quality is not the same as screen printing
... and it's just not what we do.

**Side Note: We do have some of our designs available using this digital printing method
through Society6. Coffee mugs, notebooks, phone cases, note cards, poster prints and more!
See our Society6 page.

That's right: Everything in the ChickenScratch Store is hand printed, one color at a time. Waterbase, and discharge inks are sometimes used and are noted, otherwise all prints are created with plastisol inks and heat set into the fabric.
More about how screen printing is done

Phantom Chicken caters to bulk or commercial orders of 24 or more pieces of the same design. If you'd like information on a larger order, send an email!

What Are Pre-Orders?

A Pre-Order is when you place an order before we actually print anything.

This allows you to customize your order with styles and sizes,
and helps us save inventory space and waste.

How it works:

A design is offered with an ORDER BY date and SHIP BY date.
You can place your order until the ORDER BY date has passed.
Your customized item will then be printed and shipped on or before the SHIP BY date.

If you order other items from our store with a Pre-Order,
we will ship them with the Pre-Order by the SHIP BY date.

If you would like those items to be shipped immediately,
order them separately from the Pre-Order
- or just send us an email and we'll sort it out.

Shirt Fit And Size Information

Not All Styles Are Sized The Same!
It is important to us that you are able to choose a shirt style and size that you are happy with - the first time.

The Best Way To Find Your Body Width Measurement:

  • Find your best fitting t-shirt.
  • Lay it out flat, smooth out as much as possible (works best on a bed).
  • With measuring tape, measure across shirt from side to side 1 inch below armhole.
  • Double this measurement = your optimal Body Width.

  • There are a few different Fit Types in t-shirt styles.
    The most noticeable are in the Women's styles as some run very small.

    The image below shows the different Fit Types in T-shirt styles.
    Each shirt listing will be denoted as one of these fit types
    along with Body Width measurement.

    1. Ultra Slim - Typical "Women's" shirt - most popular styles. Runs very small.
    2. Slim Fit - Typical "Women's" shirt with a 'relaxed' fit. Runs very small.
    3. Women's - Women's shirts that are sized similarly to unisex styles. Limited Styles.
    4. Unisex - These are sometimes referred to as Euro-fit. A great fit for most!
    5. Men's - Could be considered Unisex, with side seams. Straight-cut.
    6. Basic - Also could be considered Unisex. This boxier style shirt is the most common t-shirt used for printing. Heavyweight shirt.

    Featured Designers

    We are very collaborative types,
    and we are very excited to be able to work with other graphic designers
    to offer you more options in apparel.

    We are pairing up Featured Designers with our Monthy Pre-Orders,
    so you have the best options for the best designs.
    Featured Designers recieve 15% of all sales using thier designs.
    See all Featured Designers.
    Would you like to be a Featured Designer for Phantom Chicken?
    See requirements and form.

    Fabric Panels

    Our love of fabric and screen printing mix well
    for these small limited edition pieces.

    While our ChickenScratch Store will have t-shirts and other apparel
    as expected from a screen printing company,
    these hand-pulled fabric panels are something we're
    excited to make available to you!

    The intent with these fabric panels is to explore graphics that are usually used on apparel, and to play with surface design on a small scale.

    These fabric panels can be used as any quilting cotton would:
    Quilt or Pillow centers, or to be cut and pieced into a larger project.

    All panels are manually screen printed by Gregg with waterbase or discharge ink.
    These inks are very soft hand and can be ironed on directly.
    Due to the nature of screen printing, there may be slight inconsistensies in the individual pieces.

    Because the printed panels need to be washed prior to use, we have serged all the edges, pre-washed, and pressed each piece so they are ready for you to use.
    We list the fabric manufacturer and fabric color for easy matching purposes.

    Our press is sized for t-shirt printing, and is limited in size.
    We print as large as possible.

    NEPP Kits And Pieces

    NEPP = Not English Paper Pieced.
    These solid color, fabric shapes are pre-cut with stitching lines printed
    on the back to show exactly where to stitch and where to stop
    for very accurate Y-seams using a running stitch.

    Finished shape sizes are:

  • 72 degree diamond / each side is 1 1/4" or 1.25"
  • 36 degree diamond / each side is 1 1/4" or 1.25"
  • Isosceles triangle / small side is 3/4" or .75" / long sides are 1 1/4" or 1.25"
  • Small pentagon / each side is 3/4" or .75"
  • Large pentagon / each side is 1 1/4" or 1.25"

  • Each shape is individually cut with at least 1/4" seam allowance.
    White ink is printed on darker colors
    Grey ink is printed on white and light colors
    The printing will not wash off. You can iron directly onto printing.

    These pieces were made for those who like hand piecing quilt tops,
    and who would like to save time!
    Beginning sewists can try a small kit to see if they like hand-sewing.
    Or maybe you would like to order just a few pieces to add to another project.

    If you have never used a running stitch with Y-seams before,
    there is a tutorial here.

    For now, we are hand cutting each piece (precise cutting cannot be automated with pre-printed fabric) and making each kit unique color-wise.
    Due to the labor-intensiveness of this product,
    we will be creating and releasing them in small batches.

    Placeholder image

    Digital Quilt Patterns

    Gail has created a few hand-pieced Hexie Quilts
    and she has created patterns for each of her hexie projects so far.
    New patterns are in the works, and as they are finished they will be posted.
    These patterns are only available digitally - no hard-copy versions.

    Returns & Exchanges

    No Refunds or Returns
    Please double check your size and other details, and if you have any questions about sizing or anything else, please email before ordering!

    Exchanges can be made. Here is how:

      1. Email the item, order number and reason for exchange.
      2. Ship un-used, unworn, unwashed item with original packaging to:
      Phantom Chicken LLC 2206 SE 122nd Ave. Portland, OR 97233
      3. As soon as we receive the item you will receive an email with a store credit less 10% restocking fee.


    All items are shipped via USPS within 48 hours unless otherwise noted.

    Pre-Orders will be shipped on or by the SHIP BY date listed in the individual listing. Please note that some of our Pre-Orders run up to 3 weeks.


    Facebook: Phantom Chicken
    Instagram: PhantomChickenStudio

    We would love to see what you create - please tag us in your creations!

    How is screen printing done?

    Screen printing is a hands-on way of getting ink on a shirt.
    Most print shops have automated and/or digital presses with a large crew of printers, but here everthing is hand-pulled by Gregg Weiss on a manual 4-color press. With his attention to detail, each shirt gets a high-quality print.